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Team Assessment Tool

This tool provides you and your team with a series of questions to reflect on recent events to see what learning you can take from it and to review how you as a team can move forward.

As a leader of people, whether that's a Team Leader, Manager or Senior Leader, whichever bracket you place yourself into, there is a continual responsibility in all these roles to review the impact of events, the impact of decisions made and the impact this had on each of your team members.

To lead in such unprecedented times such as these will have resulted in leaders leading in uncharted territory. As uncomfortable this may have felt it is only when we are feeling discomfort that we are truly growing. This time to reflect will allow you the space to consider what your have learnt, and what your team have learnt. Whether that be skills, capabilities or a behavioral adjustment.

Give your team the recognition they deserve in their development. Whether it was conscious or unconscious development, take time to show the growth in each other. Also take time to review what skills or capability gaps have been identified ? What development could you leverage to ensure that your team continue to thrive. And what about yourself? What tested your leadership skills? Were you the leader you wanted to be or did you identify that you have a gap that you want to build on? What do your team think? Have you given them license to feedback on each other and to you on what they want to see in each other more of and maybe even less of?

What skills have the team acquired that you can now put to further use? This period has stretched people’s capabilities, whether this is through remote working, dealing with ambiguity, responding quicker than ever to change or dealing with the inner voice, the concern about job safety, the why am I being furloughed concerns all whilst unconsciously increasing their own personal resilience. They have learnt skills that you now can harness. Tech skills, remote working, resilience, trust. What can you build into your new team model to ensure that this development remains.

What does the future of your team look like? How can you evolve through this as a stronger team, with a broader skills set? If you are unfortunate enough to have to lose team members along the way treat them respectfully but also remember the impact that this will have on those remaining. You will now need to build a new team and agree a way you will all work going forward.

We can’t return back to how things were, we need instead to build a new norm. . COVID-19 has changed lives, help your employees to deal with the change in a way that builds you loyalty and makes your people feel safe.

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