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Time to Rebuild Organisational Cultures

Updated: May 2, 2020

An organisation will thrive and rebuild faster than its competitor if time is taken to reflect on how they responded to COVID19. Where organisations truly reflect and listen to the impact of their actions and then face into the impact the speed of recovery will be paramount.

The organisations that acknowledge that the role of ‘Manager / Leader’ is not the Manager / Leader’ of yesterday. Needs have now changed, we need managers and leaders who can lead agile teams, who connect the disconnected (physically), that have the emotional intelligence to recognise that performance, confidence and unity has suffered and it is their role to help their people get back to a place they themselves are content with again.

Managers need to understand stress, what stress indicators are, how underlying stress can have a damaging imprint and how to help guide their people through the daily challenges that might impact. People have seen suffering; people have supported in the most admirable way and sadly there has been loss. We all felt it, how do you rebuild with a stronger culture than you had before? What lessons can we take from such significant change that allows us to realign who we are as a business and who we want to be?

As a nation what did we learn ourselves about the working week, the hours people work, the demands we place on people. Did organisations revisit their morale compass and how they could make this a better place to be? Do organisations take stock and look at whether the 40 hour week is something that needs to remain or do we change the landscape and become kinder to ourselves. Those businesses who demand the 60/70 hour week are they going to be challenged, hold up a mirror to the entrenched behaviours as this is the time where a honest conversation needs to be had about what type of business do you want to be recognised as. It is not your strategy or purpose that people will know you for, it will be for how you treat your people.

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