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COVID-19 Cultural Assessment Tool

Updated: May 13, 2020

This tool provides you with some simple guidelines to reflect on the approach you took, the impact it has had and what you might want to consider moving forward. It's by no means exhaustive.

There's is never the perfect time to reflect but you can do it anytime.. I would suggest now is a good place to start if you haven't already.

Take this time to consider, what you have learnt about your people? What skills have they learnt they did not have before? And how going forward you can put them to best use. This period has stretched people’s capabilities, whether this is through remote working, dealing with ambiguity, responding quicker than ever to change or dealing with the inner voice, the concern about job safety, the why am I being furloughed concerns all whilst unconsciously increasing their own personal resilience. For those frontline and key workers how did they cope dealing with the pressure of the public whilst the government navigated their way through what we should and should not do? And in addition to the stresses and strains, everyone has just gone through the largest Techucation (tech – education) in years. We can’t return back to how things were, we need instead to rebuild a new norm. Credit your employees for the new skills they have developed and consider how you can continue to build on these. It is only with ongoing growth will organisations rebuild faster with a stronger culture driving the business forward. Be transparent now - if you have made questionable decisions, then own them, explain the why and explain how you want to move forward. COVID-19 has changed lives, help your employees to deal with the change in a way that builds you loyalty and makes your people feel safe.

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