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COV19 - What business are you really in?

Updated: May 2, 2020

Time to Reflect - Mid Pandemic

Is the organisation you are in reflective of the culture you want it to be? Every organisation has never been under the scrutiny they currently are in how they responded to the pandemic and the impact on their employees. How did your organisations stand up to the stress test, how effective were they in balancing the bottom line, keeping the doors open and the welfare for both their employees and the public?

Are you proud to be part of your organisation, one you advocate and one you will remain loyal to?

There couldn’t be a better time for organisations to reflect and look at how they handle change. To reflect on where your people and the culture of the organisation are on the list of priorities?

Organisations will never be the same again, this pandemic will not only have taught us a lot by the decisions made it will also have opened the eyes of many employees as to whether this is the place they want to remain loyal to going forward.

Time to reflect, review and move forward has never been so important. If you are looking for some advice, feel free to get in touch.

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