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NEW Cultural Leader Programme

This programme has been designed with a perfect blend of learning solutions to allow you to implement your learning as the programme progresses.

After each face to face module and once you have had time to reflect on your conversations and findings in your business, you will get the advantage of group action coaching, and a follow up 121 coaching session to support you in how you take the leap in creating something magical.

In a nutshell what you will get is:

  • The theory of culture, frameworks and a look at different business, their culture and what learnings you can take

  • Target cultures, how organisations curate a culture that is authentic and true to their needs

  • You will gain tools to put your learning direct into action. Diagnostics to understand your current culture, analysis to capture the blockers and a session that investigates the challenges in enabling your business to attain your target culture

  • You will experience the value of values! Why these are a critical enabler in culture design and how they can be developed and adopted effectively

  • You will be expected to present back your findings :) What your exploration has shown up but also on where the business wants to be

  • We will explore all the cultural levers within business, what shapes and what breaks culture. We will look at businesses who do that little bit extra and the impact of it

  • We will explore the role of communication and leadership in building and sustaining a culture

  • The impact of unconscious culture and how implementation needs long term thinking. This is cultural development. It’s not a project

  • You will gain an understanding of mergers and acquisitions and how the bringing of two businesses together can either be an accelerator to business or a destroyer

  • You will gain the facts! The commercials that support your rationale

  • And most importantly you will become part of a network who are all striving for a similar goal in the design and creation of great organisational cultures.... now that's a self sustaining model!

Cultural Leader Programme: Service
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